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hello there my friend

Now you just come on in

We're playing a little blues

So just kick off your shoes

Might as well stay awhile

Might as well have a smile

Cause tell you what we're gonna do

We're gonna play this just for you

Forget your worries, forget your cares

Just throw em all way over there

Lean back and listen, listen with ease

Cause it's you we're trying to please

Close your eyes and hear the sound

Of this piano, cause it's blues bound

Gotta enjoy, don't dare frown

Musics good for you I've found

Clears the mind, makes you relax

Thats become a well known fact

When you're through listening, well play it again

Or send it on to a good friend

But come back often and hear the blues

Remember we played em just for you


copyright 1999

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